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the dominic m. ward scholarship

The Dominic M. Ward Scholarship


This scholarship is named for my amazing little brother, Dominic, who just so happens to be diagnosed with autism. Growing up, I watched my parents struggle both emotionally and financially to provide him with the services he needed.


Today's parents have OT, PT, Speech, Early intervention, and more to attend. Often, music is left behind. Not out of interest or desire, but due to limited time and budget. It is my wish to see EVERY child benefit from the therapeutic power of music.




Tel: 253.224.2451

Email: [email protected]

Tacoma, WA 98403

Dominic and Shay Dominic cute

Shay Ryan with her younger brother, Dominic. 1978

Dominic M. Ward. 1985

(Isn't he adorable?!?)

In Dominic's name, I have created this scholarship to cover the tuition for a child with special needs. The benefits are immense, and it is an honor to watch young children blossom in class. Kindermusik’s musical and developmental basis makes the program such a natural and effective way to augment occupational, physical, or speech therapy. And everyone, including 'typical' students, benefit from integration!  


It is my hope that this year our scholarship fund may grow, so that we can extend our classes to more young children in our community. We will be adding "The Giving Tree" as a permanent art piece in our new studio. For a $5+ donation to the Dominic fund, your child's handprint and family name will be forever on our tree. I hope you can give a  'Helping Hand' to a child with special needs!


If you are interested in being a scholarship recipient, please contact me privately at [email protected] Anonymity is assured.