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We want to make your experience as easy as possible.  We take the total number of classes for the school year (36) and divide it by 10 monthly payments.  Tuition of $75 (45 min w/adult: Levels F, 1, 2 & All Ages) / $80 (45 min independent: Level 3) / or $85 (60 min independent: Level 4) will be processed on the first of each month, September through June. Siblings receive 20% off their respective tuition when in the same class; 10% off when in separate classes.  Please note that CDs and books are optional. Should you opt to receive a physical CD for each 5-week unit, it is an additional $5 per month. For levels F & 1, a board book + CD bundle can be added for $15; for levels 2, 3 & 4, a softback book + CD bundle can be added for $10. Virtual online classes are $60 per month. During Phase 2 and 3, while offering socially distanced, small group instruction (A/B groupings of a max of 5 students for 30 min) tuition will be a flat $75, regardless of class level. Differentiated tuition ($75-$85) will resume once we return to full class sizes and regular class length. You may enroll or withdraw at any time (see below).


Schedule & Closures:

Please note that the monthly tuition fee does not represent a certain number of classes per month; rather, it represents a total of 36 classes for the school year (i.e. there will be months with 3 classes, and other months with 5). We follow Tacoma Public Schools for weather related closures. Snow make up days will occur over our Mid Winter Break if necessary. Classes run September 14th, 2020 through June 19th, 2021 except for our school wide closures on 11/23-11/28/20, 12/21-1/2/21, 2/15-2/20/21 & 4/5-4/10/21.


Sick Policy & Makeup Classes:

Please don't bring a sick child to class- we have an open makeup policy!  If you need to make up a class, you may attend virtually! For you and your child's protection, all instruments and teaching supplies are thoroughly sanitized between classes. For your makeup classes to be properly credited, you MUST give notice to your teacher before class starts, via text message or email. Please note that makeups can only be used by a currently enrolled child and cannot accrue and be used after withdrawal.

Please see our updates COVID-19 policies here.


Enrollment and Withdrawal:

You may enroll at any time during the month or year, though we encourage you to begin at the start of a 4 week unit. Tuition will be prorated based on the number of classes left in the school year. If enrollment must be canceled, a written notice must be received at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the 1st of the month in which you wish to terminate (e-mail is perfectly acceptable).  If notice is received after the 15th of the month, we do not have time to stop payment and the tuition will still be charged on the 1st.  If you choose to withdraw, and then re-enroll your child within the same school year, your child's space in class cannot be saved or guaranteed. Should space still be available, a re-enrollment fee of $20 will apply to reactivate and resubmit your family's account to Kindermusik International.


Non-enrolled Sibling Policy:

Non-mobile infants up to 6 months old are welcome to come to their sibling's class at no charge. We encourage parents to 'wear' their baby or bring an infant carrier so they are hands-free and able to participate fully with their enrolled child. We realize that sometime older siblings may have school closures, and if they are able to bring a book or other quiet activity, we have a table and seating area to accommodate them. Because our infant and baby classes are 'delicate' and utilize floor time, siblings under the age of seven are not allowed to participate for safety reasons. All-age siblings are typically welcome to join the 'family time' portion of Level 3 and/or Level 4 sessions (last 15 minutes of class) or to enroll in our "All Ages" classes, however we discourage this during the COVID-19 epidemic. Similarly, grandparents and other adult relatives have always been welcome to visit any class at any time, but this is now on hold due to COVID-19.



*Referral Rewards: Refer a friend! Every referred enrollment earns you $10 credit to your billing statement! Please make sure your friend mentions you by name when enrolling.

*Frequent Miles: Want to attend 2 classes a week? You'll receive a 50% discount on a 2nd class for your child! 3 you say? OK! 75% discount on your 3rd class in a week (space permitting).

*Active Military: To thank your family for your service, you'll receive 10% off your monthly tuition!

*Sibling Savings: Enrolled siblings always receive a discount. The first child pays the standard rate, and each additional sibling receives a 20% discount on their respective tuition when in the same class, and a 10% discount when in separate classes.

*Early Bird: Pay your annual tuition in full before your first day of class and save 5%! Checks strongly preferred. Please note that there are no refunds permitted on prepaid accounts.


Materials and Supplies:

Kindermusik digital home materials and optional CDs and books are available upon registration. These materials are yours to use and enjoy at home. Core instrument bundles are available for each level and you are encouraged to bring these back and forth to class. These will range in fees between $20-$25 for a set of 4 core instruments/props. These may also be rented for a $20 refundable deposit. All other supplemental instruments will be provided in class.



Our class is meant to be a safe place to celebrate the joy of music. A child who comes to associate our classroom as a space where discipline occurs will not embrace the experience. Should you feel the need to discipline your child, please take your child to the front lobby or bathroom. It is NOT acceptable to discipline your child in front of the class. This includes physical as well as verbal discipline.

Unless your child is in true danger or putting another child at high risk, please do not raise your voice or yell at your child during class. A warning whispered in your child's ear is far more effective and much less disruptive to the class experience. If you wish to redirect your child, please follow your child and quietly guide them back to the activity you wish them to engage in. Yelling across the room is not effective and very disruptive.

Above all else, use affirmation and positive feedback- lavish your child with praise when things are going well. Remember that all children learn differently, and there is truly no need to discipline a child that is not doing what the other children are doing. We should embrace each child's learning style and support that.


Smiles and Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you aren't completely happy with your Kindermusik experience after your first month, just let us know that you wish to discontinue.  The home materials will still be yours to keep and enjoy, and there will be no further obligation.


COVID-19 Policies & Procedures:

Please click here for detailed information.

class policies & f.a.q.

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Official Class Policies

Updated May, 2020