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Kindermusik, the number one name in music and movement education for children, has created new, easy to use, digital home materials to extend the magic and learning of a Kindermusik class into your own home throughout the week. [email protected] delivers your favorite Kindermusik songs and activities, instrumental music, books, and lyrics—as well as recipes, learning games, crafts, and more in a green-friendly digital format.


With each new 4-week unit, families receive a treasure trove of developmentally appropriate activities that will give children a lifelong love of music and a strong early foundation for learning. And with each activity, parents learn how and why that activity enhances a child’s learning and development. [email protected] is available through tablet, mobile, and PC devices—ready to use wherever your family wanders. It’s Kindermusik for you!


Each unit's digital home materials page contains an abundance of unit-specific, age-appropriate materials and activities - all tied to the class content. The digital home materials are built specifically to make it fun and easy for a parent to connect class-time to home-time, and to enrich both experiences. Everything a parent needs to read the class story, play a game, do a fingerplay or dance, teach new words or instrument sounds, plan an activity, do a craft, follow a recipe, take a "field trip" (real or imagined), or play pretend . . . it's all in one spot! Digital features include:


   *Music downloads: All of the songs, rhymes, stories and sounds from class are easy to download and add to your music collection.


   *Every unit's literature book is included in e-book format, with pages you can turn yourself, and a page-by-page audio read-aloud that you can turn on or off. The ebook can be downloaded and printed if you prefer!


    *Activity buttons take you to a variety of different activity types, including dance and movement instructions, fingerplay demonstrations and instructions, together-in-the-kitchen activities, music time, listening games, vocal play activities, video field trips, find-it/count-it style activities, ideas for pretend play, and more.


    *The 'Why It's Good for Your Child' area fills automatically with information about why any specific activity or activity type is useful, important, or developmentally significant. Addressing the parent directly with up-to-date, research-supported, clear and friendly information, there's a "why it's good" feature for every single activity.


    *In addition to the music downloads and e-book, the Download Center also includes Printable Activity Pages and, for the first time, Printable Lyric Pages for all of the songs in the unit.


A note about Screen Time: Like most parents, we are ever conscious of keeping the amount of screen time to a minimum. At the same time, we are constantly encouraged by parents to make our content available on computers, tablets, and phones, and to develop content not only for parents but for children to interact with directly. We do our best to balance these forces, providing as much robust and variable content as we can, and giving parents the option of delivering that content to their children in whatever way(s) they choose.


All units naturally contain only a small percentage of content that occurs primarily on the screen. (This percentage rises slightly as the age level climbs.) In most cases, we have provided an off-screen alternative for those activities. For example: While a video field trip (typically less than 2 minutes long) can't be experienced by a child whose parents limit screen exposure altogether, an online matching game, find-it page, fingerplay, recipe, craft, game, dance, or pretend play activity would be equally viable and enjoyable by a parent/child together at the computer or by a parent/child together away from the computer. We are truly respectful of all parents' choices about screen time, and hope to be providing materials that are robust and flexible enough to delight our diversity of Kindermusik families.

Tel: 253.224.2451

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 253.224.2451

Email: [email protected]