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We have been hard at work creating a fluid plan for safely re-opening the Kindermusik at Kiddos and Kin studio to IN PERSON classes.


These new policies will be updated as the medical community learns more and will be adjusted as Covid-19 cases change in our local community. These precautions will change how a Kindermusik class has felt in the past. Like you, we are looking forward to a vaccine and treatment that allows us to be gathering without these limitations. That said, with the adjustments outlined, we’ll be able to significantly mitigate risk to attending our in-person classes and can once again enjoy gathering as a musical community.


Kindermusik at Kiddos and Kin holds classes for Newborns- 7 Year Olds. The most effective risk mitigation for this age group include adult physical distancing, adults wearing masks and all age hand hygiene. We will focus in our studio on the 3 Ws: Watch your distance. Wear your mask. Wash your hands.




We are able to open because keeping our distance from people significantly limits the spread of Covid-19.


To ensure appropriate physical distancing inside of our studio, we have changed the layout of our classroom and ordered brand new floor mats that will indicate 6 feet of distance between each child and caregiver pair.


We will no longer be sitting in a circle. A green mat will identify space for your family to sit, stand, dance and play while keeping the proper distance away from another family.


Adults and school aged children will be asked to keep a physical distance of 6 feet when able while in the studio.


Children under 3.5 years cannot and will not be expected to keep distance, but we will discourage touching when we can.


Each family pair will find a supplemental box of sanitized instruments for the day's use at their designated spot. Should these get picked up by others, clean instruments will be available to replace.


Bringing your child to class should assume some risk, for our kids will be kids. If you are at all concerned with a baby or child wandering into your space, you may want to consider joining us online instead.


Our lobby and library will be closed to any before or after class gathering.


Caregivers not participating with kids in a drop off class must wait in their cars/run errands.


For now, we will ask that only one caregiver per child attend class.


Class start & end times will be staggered by 15 to 30 minutes to limit amount of families in halls or entrance.


Please enter the building for your class no more than 5 minutes early to allow for proper cleaning between classes. If you arrive at the studio earlier than 5 minutes before your class start time, please wait in your car. A staggered arrival schedule may be implemented to reduce gathering in the hall.


Please leave your belongings in the car if at all possible. You may use the library or hall to put necessary bags/shoes/coats but we ask that you limit the items you bring into the studio.




We are able to open because wearing masks significantly limits the spread of Covid-19. There are NO health risks to wearing a mask for 30-60 minutes of class.


Teachers will be wearing clear shields to allow for young children to see facial expressions and mouth movements which are necessary for language acquisition.


Properly fitted masks or shields over the mouth and nose required for all adults the entire time they are in the building. If it’s fitted properly, a fabric mask will puff out each time you take a breath in and out.


Per the CDC, masks are safe to be worn by anyone OVER 2 years old. Masks, if tolerated well, are encouraged but not required for any child attending with a caregiver.


For those children who wear masks to school/daycare and tolerate masks well, they would be strongly encouraged to wear them for the short time they are in class.


Masks will be required for our independent drop-off preschool (Level 3) and kinder (Level 4) kiddos.




We are able to open because when we wash our hands and/or use sanitizer OFTEN, we significantly limit the spread of Covid-19.


We will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the studio and inside the classroom.


We will require all to sanitize or wash hands before class, and encourage all to do so again before leaving.


Our private bathroom with soap, hot water, and paper towel dispenser is available for washing hands if you would prefer this option.




You and your child may NOT enter the building if you or they are ill.


With virtual make-ups from home, you NEVER need to attend class when you or your children are ill.


For contact tracing purposes, we will not allow for make-ups in another in-person class. To mitigate risk, all make-ups will be done virtually this academic year.


If you have ANY question about whether you should attend class due to symptoms, please contact me.


If a substitute is unavailable, teachers will immediately cancel in-person class and/or may choose to hold a class online if they are ill or showing any questionable symptoms. Alternatively, you may be asked to attend another class as a make up. These changes will always be communicated via social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as via robo-text and robo-email.


This policy is very strict and will be re-enforced and communicated often. PLEASE, do not enter the building if you or your child is ill.




Contactless temperature checks will not be taken at the door. These offer poor accuracy when coming in from outside or removing a hat and tend to measure temperatures low. Please take temps often at home. If it is above 100.4 in the past 2 days, stay home.


However, a touchless thermometer WILL be available at the studio, and you may be asked to take a temperature if a fever is strongly suspected.


You (and our teachers) may NOT enter the building if you or your child could answer YES to any of the following questions:


Have you been in close contact with any person with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Are you experiencing a cough, any shortness of breath or a sore throat?

Have you experienced any recent loss of taste or smell?

Have you experienced any vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

Do you have thick nasal discharge?

Have you had a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit today or within the last 48 hours?


If you answer YES to any of the above, you will not be allowed to enter Kindermusik at Kiddos and Kin, but rather you will be encouraged to contact your health provider.




COVID-19 reopening policies & procedures

Tel: 253.224.2451

Email: [email protected]

Tacoma, WA 98403


Official COVID-19 Reopening Policies

Updated July, 2020



We will be adding 15-30 minutes between all classes for cleaning and disinfecting.


ALL bathroom touch points will be disinfected by your instructor or a classroom volunteer in between classes. Disinfecting solution will be provided in the bathroom and we will ask if you use the bathroom during class, that you clean all touch points before returning to the mat.


ALL common touch points will be disinfected in between classes (door handles, sanitizer stations, counters, glass, entrances)


ALL floor mats will be vacuumed and/or wiped down in between classes and steam cleaned weekly.


ALL used instruments and props washed/disinfected before next use.


Supplemental materials for the day's lesson will be provided to each family in a sealed bin for the day. At the end of class you will be asked to close the lid, so the items can be removed for proper sanitizing.


A core set of instruments (something to shake, something to tap and something to wave: example for Level 2 would be an egg shaker, rhythm sticks and a scarf) will be made available for purchase at the studio. These sets will vary slightly between levels and will cost between $20-$25. We will also provide loaner sets for a refundable deposit, should you choose not to purchase. These instruments should be brought HOME for you to personally sanitize and to use for virtual makeup classes if applicable. They should be brought to class each week and stay in your possession in the provded labeled ziplock bag.


Room purifiers/fans will be put on HIGH before and after each class.


Lobby water cooler will remain unplugged. Please bring your own labeled water bottle if needed.


Shoes should be taken off and coats and bags are hung in each studios entrance or in library. Socks will now be required for all adults.




We plan on continuing live online classes two to three mornings a week for those who wish to continue Kindermusik virtually at home.


Should we need to add MORE online classes to the schedule, we will do so.


Due to this option, we can quickly adjust to ALL live online classes should we need to close the studio to in person classes due to any local community outbreak.




Classes may be divided in half, and meet for a shorter 30 minute session to allow for no more than 5 students in class at a time. For example, a 9:30-10:15 AM class may be divided into 2 groups of 5 with the first group meeting from 9:15-9:45 and the second group meeting from 10:00-10:30 AM. Once larger gathering are allowed, classes would be recombined and resume their 45 minute format. You will be contacted with your assigned time upon enrollment, should this be necessary.




I understand that these policies may seem excessive. Please know that our goal extends beyond maintaining the integrity of our program- our first priority will always be the safety and health of our students, their families and our wonderful teachers.


Thank you in advance for your assistance in doing our part as members of the community. As we navigate this time and work to mitigate the risk together, please don't hesitate to ask any question along the way.  We are truly looking forward to gathering safely together very soon!